The Orchestra is a professional full time. 100% Consiliul Judetean Satu Mare supported.
The number of players is 65 proffesional players, all of them graduates of the Romanian Music Academy .
The Orchestra covers a full time season, 80 concerts per season.
The Orchestra covers a wide repertoire, including opera, and usually performs all over Europe .
Since 1992 the orchestra have yearly 20 concerts sustained on the scene of the concerts hall of Tonhalle from Dusseldorf, Germany.
The Orchestra has recorded in Romania and Italy , and has radio – broadcasted over 1000 houres, in Romania and elsewhere inEurope.
The Orchestra is 70 years old and has performed under the direction of great and famous conductors such as Carlo Zecchi, Bruno Capanella, Armando Krieger,Alberto Zedda, etc. and with soloists of great artistical standard such as Igor Oistratch, Mariella Devia, Kocsis Zoltan, Ranki Dezső and Francoise Joel Thiollier.
The Orchestra has toured successfully in Germany , Italy , Hungary , Switzerland , Monte Carlo , Austria , Nederland , Spain , Denmark , France .Very favourable music review has appeared all over Europe , emphasizing the high professional this ensable.
The Orchestra is considered as one of the best professional ensambles in Central Europe .